I have used so many different paint colours that I have lost track. Most I love and some not so much. I actually really enjoy doing colour consults as sometimes I have clients choose outside their comfort “zone” or choose paint colours that they never thought they could use.

While I personally love using whites not all all whites work well in homes. There seems to be a surge in wanting white walls even for living now for big and small rooms with very little natural light. I try to tell my clients that white looks great with a good amount of natural light. Lets not forget that so many photos you see online (including mine) are lightened to some degree!

There are so many beautiful paint colours and choices. I always take into account the rooms being painted but my clients as well.

Here are some of my favourite whites that I have used and love!

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster
Sherwin-Williams White Heron
Sherwin-Williams Rhinestone
Benjamin Moore Baby’s Breath