The Last Little Bit

Happy Friday!

There are only a few steps more to complete. Soon enough your garden and flower beds will not only have enough water for vegetables to grow but the system will also be timed. Although with all the rain we have had in Ottawa you may not use your sprinkler very much this summer. 

There are a few more items to purchase before your system is complete. 

  1. Valves are a must and typically are grouped into Globe valves or anti-siphon valves. They control the flow of water into each zone. With an anti-siphon valve you do not need a back flow preventer. Scott chose the globe valve as it can be installed underground in a valve box. 
  2. A controller is also necessary and can be purchased through Hunter or Rainbird. Some controllers are expandable so that more zones can be added to them. You can also purchase “smart” controllers that are connected to the internet.

Sprinkler System Controller

Splitting Your Sprinkler Into Zones

Happy Wednesday!

Once you have selected all your sprinklers you will need to split the sprinklers into zones. This has to be done because it is unlikely that you will be able to run all the sprinklers at once, unless you have a very small yard. You  will need to have one valve to control each zone. It is best to locate the valve manifolds in an easy to access location for when service/maintenance is required.

Things to Consider When Separating Sprinklers Into Zones

  • Do not mix sprinklers with sprays
  • You will want to match the precipitation rates
  • Once grouped into zones, starting at the sprinklers use the smallest pipe size required to support the water flow for the sprinkler. As you connect the pipes that feed the sprinklers to your mainline make sure that you are up sizing the pipe as required to meet the combined flow rate for the sprinklers downstream.

Sprinkler Zones






Sprinkler System Layout

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. If you have decided on an automated sprinkler system than you will have to source and lay out your sprinklers.

You will need to do a scaled drawing of your yard that includes all major features. When drawing out your sprinkler start at the corners.

Using a compass and paper you can lay out your sprinkler spray diameters or in other words spray patterns. 

Scott uses a mix of Hunter and Rainbird. Two very well-known companies. 

Things To Consider

  • For smaller areas consider using sprays.
  • There are options for flower beds. Some good choices are short radius sprays, drip irrigation or bubblers
  • consider spending the extra money on stainless steel rotors. Some companies only use plastic. 

The best way to map out your automated sprinkler system is to have head to head coverage. This ensures even water coverage. Also keep in mind that you should not put rotors and sprays on the same valve.

Sprinkler System Layout

Determining The Design Capacity Of Your Sprinkler System

Happy Friday!

So you have decided to install an automated sprinkler system. You have also decided that you want to install it yourself. You will need to determine the design capacity of your system for it to work properly. 

Yes, you can do this and have a pretty awesome automated system. How much will you save depends on materials. Also keep in mind that if you hire a professional they will open and close your system. A professional will also likely guarantee their work for some period of time. So there is a lot to consider. 


  • Measure the static pressure in your water pipes (with a water pressure gauge)
  • Determine the size of your water metre (this is usually stamped on your water metre)
  • You will need to know the size of your service line

After collecting this information you will be able to determine the design capacity for your sprinkler system by referring to a design manual online. Scott refers to Hunter or Rainbird Design Guides. Using the above information you will be able to determine the maximum water flow rate that you can use for you sprinkler system. However you need to keep the velocity of the water in the pipes below 8 ft/s to avoid damaging the pipes. This will usually be the limiting factor if you are on city water.


Here are the numbers for our house:

  • Static Pressure: 70 psi – 482kPa
  • Water Meter Size: 5/8″ – 15mm
  • Service Line Size: 3/4″ – 19mm – Copper

Using the table below we can determine the working pressure, and the available flow for the sprinkler system.

  • Working Pressure: 350kPa – 50 psi
  • Available Flow: 30 l/min – 8 gal/min (deducting 7.61 l/min for copper pipe)

Sprinkler System Design Capacity

However we need to keep in mind that we do not want to exceed 8ft/s of flow in the pipes to prevent damaging them. Using the chart below we can see that a flow of 8 gal/min puts us at a velocity of 5.88 ft/s in our 3/4″ copper pipe service line. Rainbird has drawn the chart with the limit of 5 ft/s which should not be exceeded, however in their own design example they exceed that limit as they declare that it is too restrictive for most systems. They say that 5-7.5 ft/s should not be exceeded. Since we are at 5.88 ft/s we are safe to use this.

  • Working Pressure: 350kPa – 50 psi
  • Available Flow: 30 l/min – 8 gal/min (deducting 7.61 l/min for copper pipe)
  • Water Velocity in 3/4″ pipe – 5.88 ft/s

Sprinkler System Design TypeK-Copper-Velocities



How To Install An Automated Sprinkler System

Happy Wednesday!

Installing an automated sprinkler system entails a bit of planning and work, but you can do it! It can also increase your homes marketability. Having pretty flower beds and a nice lawn can make your home more appealing to buyers. 

Some would argue that a sprinkler system can also add value to a home. Others I have talked to put no value on an automated sprinkler system but agree that it can make a home more marketable. So if you are looking to install one here are a few steps to help you along. 

Step One: You Will Need To Know:

  • knowledge about water pressure
  • knowledge about pressure loss
  • knowledge about water flow
  • basic math
  • basic knowledge of electricity
  • you will have to manually dig trenches or know how to use a trencher

Hope this helps. Think carefully before you embark on doing this DIY project. See you Friday!


Staging Your Rental For Success

Happy Monday!

Is it difficult for you to rent out your property? Showcasing  your rental property can help attract potential renters. It can also help target the right tenants for your property.

Here are a few ideas on how staging your rental can help you:

  • Proper staging can help your rental property stand out
  • Staging shows that you maintain your property  and therefore shows really well
  • Your property can look really good for MLS photos therefore it allows you to attract potential tenants

It is important to find a qualified stager as well. Your stager will know what accessories and furniture can attract the right buyer. This is especially important for a younger target market who want ” a fresh looking unit ” It is also a good idea to refresh the walls by selecting the right paint colours that will appeal  to potential tenants. A staging consult is always a good idea. Sometimes properties will sit for months. The paint colours may be “off ” or the property is just not showcased in its best possible way. This can cost the owners thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Daniela Pluviati Staging

Blue Paint Colours That Rock!

Happy Friday!

We have had our kitchen cabinets professionally spray painted before. In 2007 I chose a pure, crisp white from Benjamin Moore called Chantily Lace. That was back in 2007 and although I still love white for kitchen cabinets blue rocks as well! 

A blue painted bathroom cabinet with the right selection of flooring and tile can work! Even if you are selling. Blue kitchen or bathroom cabinets have been hot in the last couple of years. With the right finishes blues can look beautiful! It is also a great choice for those of you who want to renovate. Of course, blue painted cabinets looks especially awesome in coastal inspired homes. 

Undertones can vary depending on which blue you choose. Rich blues with dark grey undertones are finding their way into many kitchens. While softer, light and airy blues are ever so popular as well. One thing they all have in common is that they can be stunning in a kitchen or bathroom. 

Here are some popular Benjamin Moore blue paint colours that are trending now. 


Benjamin Moore – Mysterious AF-656

Benjamin Moore – Stratton Blue HC-142

Benjamin Moore – Hale Navy HC-154

Benjamin Moore – Phillipsburg Blue HC-159

Brett Mickan Interior Design

Studio McGee

Milestone Building Pty Ltd


Have a wonderful weekend!

Paint Colours That Help You Sell

Happy Friday!

Thank goodness it is Friday! It has been a busy week! I thought I would share with you Zillow’s paint colour analysis for this year. Paint can influence the sale price of a home.

Zillow (who does everything real estate in the U.S) looked at more than 32,000 photos in the United States. They wanted to see what paint colours had an impact on sale price. Properties within the same location and size were compared as well as “coloured walls” vs similar properties with white walls.

Here are their findings:

  1. Properties with light blue bathrooms sold for around $5,440 more than expected.
  2. Properties with cool, or neutral tones like pale grey or oatmeal were top performing 

The exterior of a home

A homes exterior colour palette may also influence the homes sale price. 

  1. Properties painted “greige” sold for $3,496 more that similar homes painted medium brown or homes with “tan” stucco. 
  2. Entryway doors painted dark navy blue to slate grey sold for $1,514 dollars more. 

The findings from Zillow also suggest that not having enough colour can negatively impact how much a property sells for. For example, a bathroom with white walls sold for an average of $4,035 below similar homes with coloured walls. 

Knowing what paint colours look good and where is important when selling. Often times I see homes that have so much potential but their paint colours are just “off”. Although these statistics come from the U.S I think they apply here as well. 

Have a fabulous weekend!


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