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Sometimes when you have existing oak floors you just can’t get past the idea that you don’t like the colour or how your floors look in your room with your existing paint colours or fabrics. Should you stain your floors if this happens.

When Scott and I bought this home we had red oak floors. I wanted to strip them and apply a clear coat or light stain. I had dark coloured floors in our last house and wanted a change. Scott wanted darker floors. Compromising during renovations is critical because it can be a stressful time. We agreed to disagree and our red oak floors were professionally stripped and stained. I love the floors we have now but the existing oak floors could have worked as well.

Red oak can be much more challenging to stain than white oak. It has pink undertones and the pink can vary depending on source location and the mill producing the wood. We hired a professional who combined his own mix. The overall result turned out great. I think red oak and especially white oak floors do look great in a room. Should you stain your oak floors? I would say no not always. Dark oak floors look beautiful but red oak and white oak are gorgeous as well. Choosing the right paint colours and including the right fabric and textures can make red oak or white oak floors look amazing in a room too!

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Oak Floors and Grey Painted Walls

Kitchen Oak FloorsImage Source