Happy Wednesday!

Guests bedrooms do not have to be lack lustre. You also do not have to spend a fortune to achieve a beautiful bedroom. This is our guest bedroom reveal! It will work well for visiting guests and will stand the test of time. 

For the walls I chose Sherwin Williams Rhinestone. Rhinestone is a beautiful neutral. I really love this colour and we have it in our kitchen as well. 

I think the bed frame (from Ikea) is simple and is a great option for an affordable bed frame. The mattress also comes from Ikea. 

I opted for one nightstand instead of two. Sometimes less furniture is more. Having two simply cramped the room and not leave enough room to open the closet doors. 

I wanted our spare bedroom to be a permanent guest bedroom but making it a flex room is also a good idea if you are looking to put a desk in the room. 

Artwork, linens, curtains and accessories are nice finishes that make a room really pop. 

Have a look!

Sherwin Williams Rhinestone

Sherwin Williams Rhinestone