3 Creative Tips to Add Interest to a Staged Home with Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great tool for sprucing up a home for sale. They fill the walls with vibrant color and compliment the furnishings and décor. They are also extremely versatile. They can be grouped, staggered, or stand alone. Many home stagers use canvas prints to add interest to the homes that they decorate. And you can too. Here are 3 creative tips for using canvas prints in your staged home.

Tip #1: Use Canvas Prints that Compliment the Furniture in the Room

To achieve a cohesive, well put together look, think of the furniture and artwork as two parts of a whole unit. Pair artwork with furniture to compliment it. Hang the prints so that visually they are four to six inches away from the furniture that you are pairing them with.

Tip #2: Consider the Function of the Room When Choosing Prints

Artwork can also help set the mood or tone in a particular room because colors have a psychological effect on people. That is why you should always consider the purpose of that room before choosing your prints. For example, if you plan to use canvas prints in a bedroom, choose serene, peaceful colors and scenes that signify rest and relaxation.

Tip #3: Vary the Positions of the Canvas Prints from Room to Room

When you’re staging a home, you are selling a dream or fantasy to someone else. So, the last thing that you want is for it to be boring. Canvas prints (or any artwork for that matter) hung in a straight line doesn’t really stand out. Be creative – stagger the pictures to break up that line. Or pattern and group them in unexpected ways.

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