Happy Friday!

I hope you are all enjoying this weather. This weather has been crazy beautiful. Are we really in March? I wanted to share with you some statistics on Staging and the effect colour can have on a property. 

This survey is from the National Association Of Realtors Research Department. The survey is based on roughly 1,894 usable respondents. It is their research based on Staging statistics for 2017. 

  • 77% of Buyers Agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.

There is also an impact on Buyers viewing a staged home with 40% of potential home buyers more willing to walk through a home they saw online that is staged.

Here are the statistics for rooms that are staged the most:

  • Living Room (83%)
  • Kitchen (76%)
  • Master Bedroom (69%)
  • Dining Room (66%)

Let us not forget about the impact paint can have on a property! Although Zillow (US) is based in the United States their findings can certainly relate to properties in Canada. Zillow looked at 32,000 photos from sold homes (2017) and concluded that the wrong paint colour can deter some buyers and the right paint colours can help sell for more. 

Terracotta dining rooms sold for an average of $2.031 less and properties with blue bathrooms sell for roughly $5, 440 more than expected. 

Have a fantastic weekend. See you Monday!

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