Happy Wednesday!

With almost every home Scott has built a mudroom. I am happy he did. Not only do we love them but buyers love them as well. Mudrooms are not only functional but versatile as well. 

Mudrooms have many benefits but let us face it the extra storage is pretty awesome. It can provide a solution for sticks, skates or other sporting equipment. 

Backpacks, coats, and boots all have a place to go and everything is so much tidier. Mudrooms can work wonders for larger families as well. Each child can have their own hook and cubby. 

It is also a great place to let pets sit for a bit to dry off before walking through the home. Whatever the need they work! 

I am missing having an organized mudroom and I am gathering some ideas for ours. Ours will be quite small but I have to admit the more I see boots splattered across our floor the more I am dreaming of one. 

Below are some fantastic mudrooms that really do the job!

Daniela Pluviati Staging


Jillian Harris and Janis Nicolay Photography


Gonterman Construction