Happy Monday!

While we have saved thousands of dollars by refinishing our kitchen cabinets, we have also splurged on quartz countertops. The sleek and contemporary feel can really elevate a kitchen. There are pros and cons to quartz countertops and if you are thinking about upgrading or renovating your kitchen quartz may be a good option to use. 

I love the look of quartz but there are many good qualities that make it a great product. Quartz is non-porous. It is highly resistant and does not require sealing. It is also heat resistant. Not heatproof but heat resistant nonetheless. Prolonged exposure to high heat may scorch the surface. 

We have also stained our “white” quartz by leaving red juice on the surface too long, so be careful! 

Quartz countertops are man-made. Manufacturers use different compositions and formulas. Cambria Quartz is manufactured and made in the USA and Ontario (Canadian mined quartz). 

There are many places in Ottawa to shop for quartz. Lowes sells quartz from 55 to 80 dollars a square foot plus $220 dollars to cut, polish, seal and attach an under mount sink. We have saved the tax on their “save the tax” day which made buying there a good deal. Have a great day!

Quartz Countertops

Photo Daniela Pluviati