Happy Monday!

It will soon be Mothers Day and if you are looking for something a little different, then you may like what I have found.

Beautiful bath bombs, yummy chocolate and jewellery are a few things I wanted for my list. I found them all. I really like these gifts for many reasons. Some products are made locally while others are made elsewhere in Canada. They are also not too expensive, which is great as well.

Owners Jen and Suzie from Foxy Originals have beautiful jewellery pieces to choose from. Their spring /summer collection is right on point. Not only is their jewellery made in Canada, but it has also been featured in magazines like The Oprah Magazine.

Check out some more amazing gifts right below!

Mothers Day Gifts - EarringsFoxy Originals – Kali Earrings in Mixed Metals


Mothers Day Gifts - Bath BombTammy’s Tub Treats – Pink Paradise Bath Bomb


Mothers Day Gifts - ChocolateHummingbird Chocolate Maker