Happy Wednesday!

Irrigation systems can save you water and money by targeting specific areas. Scott always installs a rain sensor, so that water is distributed only when needed.

Sprinkler systems are not only for luxury. They are great for homeowners that do not have the time to water their grass, gardens or flower beds.

Scott has installed a few sprinkler systems. He just finished installing another one in our current home. They make for great curb appeal when you are trying to get top dollar for your property. We love a clean exterior for the simple reason that it may indicate to buyers that the interior is also well-kept (when selling).

If you love DIY projects then you may find the charts below useful. Scott likes the fact that you can make sure everything is indeed installed correctly with a DIY sprinkler system project. He also likes ordering better quality parts that last. He takes the savings from the labour and buys better parts.

sprinkler system - back yard

Newly installed sprinkler system


Photos from Hunter Irrigation