Happy Wednesday!

I hate to admit it, but our bedroom looks like a dorm. To make a long story short, we have been waiting for months for stained flush vents.  Scott decided it was easier to purchase them from Barwood Flooring and have them matched at Randall’s. Now that we finally have the vents I can start on our master bedroom.

It is only one room, so Scott will do the install himself. If you are ready to tackle a hardwood flooring project yourself, then there are some considerations before starting.

We have solid hardwood throughout our home, so we will stick with the same hardwood for our bedroom. We both prefer solid wood over engineered wood,  but that is just our personal preference. Solid wood can always be sanded and refinished in the future if we decide to do so.

If you are thinking about a DIY installation of pre-finished hardwood floor then you will need some tools.  A pneumatic flooring nailer, hammer, saw, drill, table saw, chop saw, drill bits may be used. You will need to purchase vapour paper or rosin paper depending on the project.

Plan ahead and take your time. Laying your first row is critical to the success of your project. Scott will start at the bedroom doorway but this can vary if your room is not square. He also installs the flooring boards perpendicular to the floor joists because he says it is just “better”.

Have a great day!




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