Happy Tuesday!

When it is this cold we sometimes spend a lot more time indoors, even if you love outdoor sports. Painted walls can be life changing. The colour or colours that you choose can help lower stress, improve mental health and help you to relax. With more time spent indoors, choosing paint colours is important.

We all have our own personal preferences when deciding on what paint colours to choose, but if you have a stressful job, coming home to bright red walls may not be the best choice. That doesn’t mean boring white walls either.  Here are some popular paint colours and moods they evoke.

Light Blue-Such a popular colour and for good reason. The right shade of light blue can really help  you feel calm and relaxed. Blue tones are also popular best sellers. It is a perfect colour for a bathroom or bedroom. Studies have shown that homes with light blue painted walls sell for more money.

Yellow-It is a cheery, a confident mood boosting colour, but studies have shown that babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. The wrong tone of yellow though can cause fear and anxiety.

Green-Green can represent growth, freshness, nature and energy. I love working with green and there are many great shades that work well within a home.

Pink-Pink can be euphoric and refreshing. I like to choose lighter shades of pink for a kids room. Softer pinks look great in a guest bedroom as well.

Have a wonderful day!

Daniela Pluviati Staging and Re Design

Daniela Pluviati Staging and Re Design