Happy Monday!

Brrr it is coming. Yes, I am talking about the cold weather. Here is a checklist to get your home ready for the upcoming months.

  • Clean your gutters- Gutters are important for collecting water and directing the water away. Clogged gutters can cause mold and damage.
  • Hose bib- Drain your hose bib, remove and store garden hoses.
  • Water Irrigation System- Blow the water out of your sprinkler.
  • Store and clean your outdoor furniture and cover the barbecue.
  • Check your roof- Fall is a good time to check your shingles. Worn, torn or missing shingles can lead to water damage.
  • Windows and Doors- Drafts can be expensive. You can easily feel the drafts on a windy day. Windows many need new windowstripping or may need to be replaced if they are leaking.
  • Say no to critters- Check for holes, install vent covers and set traps. Hire a professional if you cannot resolve your critter problem.
  • Check your walkway, steps, and outdoor railing. I personally know a few people who have injured themselves on uneven walkways and steps.
  • Remove and replace outdoor bulbs. Our days are getting shorter therefore having a well lit walkway or landing is important.
  • Book with your snow removal company. Have snow shovels or a snow blower that is in working condition.

Have a fantastic day!

Photo: Scott McGillivray